50 year old man assaults ECG staff

An Aluminium fabricator, Seyram Agbezuke is Reportedly to be in the custody of the Amasaman Divisional Police Command for assaulting a staff of the Electricity Company of  Ghana (ECG) at Obeyeyie, a town in the Amasaman Municipality.

This happened when the ECG staff visited his  workplace as part of the company’s ongoing disconnection exercise to inspect customer service connections, pinpoint illegalities and fetch unpaid bills.

After the ECG staff discovered that, Seyram’s metal fabrication company had some illegalities, he was made known of the plans of ECG but the culprit threatened them.

According to sources, Seyram called some group of men believe to be land guard who came to maltreat the ECG staff and drag them from the place.

Meanwhile, Acting General Manager, for ECG Accra West Region, Madam Angelina Anno has condemned threats by defaulters for the workers for doing their duty.

Adding that her outfit in collaboration with security agencies would ensure that the staff always work in a compatible mood, to help fight illegal connection.

By: Grace Ama Acquah

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