Desist from mis-disinformation-Mr. Stephen Tindi

The Media Foundation for West Africa yesterday brought to a close the training of individuals on fact-checking and information disorder that commenced two days ago.

The theme for discussion was the vast spread of mis-disinformation rather than the truth due to social media.

Speaking to the trainees, facilitator and lecturer from the University of Media Arts and communication, UniMAC-GIJ, Mr. Stephen Tindi admonished journalists to be specialists in their field with regards to the message they put across.

Isaac Bediako, who happens to be a trainee also shared more light saying “during elections, I had gone up to sit on a rock to capture a picture of people voting. After I had taken the picture, I had to sit there to write my story, not knowing that someone who had spotted me taking the pictures had gone to tell members who were voting that I am a party member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and that I am paying people to vote against the opposition.

Some furious guys climbed up the cliff only to notice that I am a journalist and I was writing my story and nothing more”.To him, the media is an authoritative source of value and is also prune to making mistakes.

Individuals mostly share these false content because they have no idea and have a low media and information literacy.

Climaxing the occasion, Mr Tindi, however urged all trainees to desist from “mis-disinformation which spreads just like virus hence they should try as much as possible to stop the spread”.

By: Nathaniel Nii Amoo Otoo

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