Man posing as a military officer in Secondi Takoradi arrested.

The police have arrested a man who has been posing as a military officer at secondi- Takoradi metropolis of the western region with a fake service name WO II Samuel Owusu Dartey.

According to victims, the suspect always had a pistol and handcuff on him and has been tormenting people, sometimes even in military uniform.

What exposed him was through an encounter he had with a private surveyor at Ntankoful Clifford Pablo Yankah.

The acting military officer was hired by a family to use his position to intimidate the surveyor who was working for a family head on a land issue.

The victim says that “I’m a private surveyor working in some documents for a family, I was there one day when the family introduced the suspect to me that he was a military officer (WO II Samuel Owusu Dartey) and also works with the intelligence unit of the National Security. They said he will be working with me on the land document “

He added that the so called military man started tormenting him to release the land documents to him or face his anger.

One day the man came to his house and asked the victim to follow, and he obeyed but per how he was acting the victim become suspicious and called his In-law who is in the military. The suspect was trailed and later arrested, evidence shows that he is not a military officer so he is currently at kesimitsim Police station assisting investigation’s says the victim.

By: Peter Aboko

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