Students should add value amidst growing significance of AI in job market-Mawuko Afadzinu

President of the Institute of Public Relations Ghana (IPR Ghana), Mawuko Afadzinu has emphasized on the need for students to add value to themselves to capitalize on the vast opportunities in the job market.

He cautioned that the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is causing a growing divide between the excellent and average, potentially rendering average individuals unemployed if they fail to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

“The changes and era we are getting into are exponential. And there are huge opportunities for those who are ready and prepared. One of the dangers of this era though is that the gap between those who excel and those who are average is going to grow very big.

We take AI, for those who are competent, ready, and able, AI gives them the ability and wings to sour. For those who want to stay lazy, AI literally wipes them off,” Mawuko Afadzinu said.

The seminar themed, “From Data to Insights: Demonstrating Value through Measurement and Evaluation” primarily was organized and hosted by students of FOPAM-GIJ.

The seminar aimed to provide both practical and academic insights into the PR landscape of measurement and evaluation practices and their role in driving excellence within the industry.

The relevance of Advertising Value Equivalencies (AVEs) in PR was also examined, shedding light on its implications for assessing PR success.

Gracing the occasion was the President of African University College of Communications Professor Abeku Blankson, Global AMEC Managing Director, John Burke and Professor Daniel Du Plessis from the University of South Africa, and industry experts from Gold Crest Refinery Limited and WaterAid Ghana.

Mr. Afadzinu’s is therefore calling for students as a matter of urgency add value to themselves since the increasing significance of AI can not be overlooked.

By: Ruth Esi Amfua Sekyi

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